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Guide Index

  • Explore what Math Quiz Online has to offer using this guide that will help you learn to play the game!
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About the Game

  • The game version is

  • Look on our Facebook Page for the latest update news
  • This game was made by McJoe21 on GitHub and has other projects too!

  • Before playing is recommended that you read the Gameplay tutorial first
  • Want to give feedback about this update?


  • First enter your name in the box
  • Choose the game difficulty and your score target
  • Answer the sum get points which shows under question counter
  • A wrong answer will lose you a life, you will have 3 lives
  • Higher difficulty is more points but harder questions
  • And can also get a highscore
  • When game is over you can see your scores
  • You will get bonus points at the end based on your remaining lives
  • At night the game background will change to a night sky!


  • The has missions as an extra long-term challenge when playing the game
  • The mission task will be shown on the card, telling what you have to complete
  • Each task will display what you need and what you have
  • Completed tasks will turn green to let you that you have done it

Endless Mode

  • Endless mode is a special challenge that you can unlock by playing the game
  • To unlock you most have played 10 games and earn a total of 50 points!
  • The mode will keep going until your out of lives
  • Enjoy the challenge players!
  • Best way of getting a bigger high score

Home menu

  • This is where your game will always start and most important features
  • The home menu will show your game stats under the name box
  • The home menu is where you can choose the settings before you start your game

Need Support?

  • You can email us on if you have any questions!
  • You can also message us on Facebook if you need anything!


  • At any time you may quit the game
  • Quiting will lose your lives bonus but keep your earned points
  • But hoping you don't give up so easy when you play lol

Feedback Hub

Game Updates!

  • The game will get a big update every so often that will improve it for the better, Here you can read about whats new and upcoming!

Latest Updates!

  • Added a new guide book to help new players learn about the game
  • Added new highscore saving
  • Addes new Missions to the game
  • New night background at night time
  • Changed the menu to use emoji icons in selection drop-downs
  • Added a new quit button to the game
  • Now using jQuery!

Planned Updates!

  • Multiplayer features
  • Mission rewards